About Us | Key Accomplishments

Our global experience and expertise delivered many best-in class projects / products and industry firsts

Product / Product Development

  • The first IoT oven/refrigerator that can be remotely programmed (1999)
  • Innovative line of laundry appliance for European market. $120-million project
  • First oven with two separate cooking temperature zones
  • Joint product development with Asian company resulting in approx. $1 billion in sales
  • Most successful 3-in-1 baby car seat in the world
  • First industry use of ethnographic research to develop best-in class stroller
  • Commercial refrigerator/freezer with IoT and bluetooth connection

Business and Brand Strategies

  • Corporate global strategy leading to $1.1 billion acquisition in Europe
  • New Asian supplier strategy to improve quality, reduce cost and increase technical capabilities
  • Implementation of first brand transfer in the world
  • Member of the team responsible for the Maytag $2 billion acquisition

Category Management

  • $250 million business in Europe
  • $180 million global appliance (except U.S. market)
  • $175 million European category
  • Global category management system / project ranking